Cloud Services

RAM-IT Solutions can help your business leverage the cloud to improve the way your office operates. Some of the numerous advantages of the cloud are:

Software as a Service: SaaS allows your staff to access the programs essential to your business’s operations from the cloud. It is typically a subscription based service, meaning that rather than paying for multiple licenses, you pay a monthly fee for access to the software.  This results in saving hard disc space on individual work stations, as well as reduced software costs.

Cloud Backup: Because cloud backup is not physically located on your company’s premises, your data is protected from any threat of physical destruction that might occur. Cloud backup can be accessed quickly at any time, allowing for a rapid recovery from any disaster.

Unlimited Access: The cloud allows you to store files outside of your office’s physical network, which means that two people can be accessing and editing the same document, even from opposite sides of the world.


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