Network Infrastructure

Your network is one of the most important aspects of your office and is unfortunately often overlooked. Many small to medium sized businesses allow their network to grow organically, adding components to it as they acquire them, without ever optimizing its structure. Network design is one of the most basic and effective ways to maximize the capability of your network.

With only a brief evaluation of your network, RAM Technology Solutions can develop a design strategy custom suited to your company’s hardware, software, and goals. You can expect increased productivity, improved security, and enhanced speed on all network devices, servers, and workstations.

Once a design plan is established, RAM Technology Solutions can install and maintain your network. Every aspect of installation, from hardware procurement and installation to wiring, will be handled by our experienced technicians. After setup, we will maintain the integrity and functionality of your network via remote helpdesk or on-site service, whichever best suits your needs.


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