VoIP Telephony

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an internet based phone system which greatly improves upon outdated, copper wire phone systems. Traditional systems rely on a physical Private Branch Exchange (PBX), which acts as the medium through which all of the phones in your offices connect to one another and to external phone systems. VoIP virtualizes the PBX, saving time and reducing costs.


VoIP doesn’t rely on a physical PBX, making the structure of your office phone system more flexible than ever. Employee extensions can be managed via a simple software program, which eliminates the need for time-consuming rewiring. Office relocation is also simplified, as setting up phones at a new location is as simple as plugging them into Ethernet ports.


Rather than relying on traditional copper wires, VoIP phone systems use the high speed cables of your network. This means vastly improved call quality, fewer dropped calls, and higher speeds.

Enhanced Features

VoIP offers many premium features such as:

    • Enhanced Call Routing– Calls to your office phone can be pushed to your cell phone.
    • Coaching tools– Guide your employees during calls with clients.
    • Call screening– Track the number of calls your employees make, and record them for later replay.
    • Music on Hold– Fully customizable hold music.


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